In 1999 I graduated from the VCA School of Film and Television. From there I made some short films and video clips. In 2009 I set up a media company called, Storybox Films, which developed film and TV content and shot corporate videos. In 2013 we made, The Sunset Six, a feature film about a band imploding. I directed and co-wrote it. You can see the trailer here:

In 2017 I directed a production of Rent—again for Ballarat. Then I had a go at my first operas, for Gertrude Opera: two 1 act operas, by Bizet and Salieri.

Photo credit: Jodie Hutchinson

I’ve directed for the stage as well. Shows for the comedy festival, cabarets etc. In 2016 I had a go at Into The Woods for Ballarat Performing Arts Academy. Directing musicals felt like coming home to me.