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In 2018 I released my first novel, Rapture through Tale Publishing. Here’s the pitch:

First time parents, Tim and Nicole give birth to a baby with a halo. For a couple of atheists, it’s a bit of a shock.

In what should be the most auspicious moment of any couple’s life—the birth of their first child—Tim and Nicole find themselves scrambling for what to do next. With the church, the lunatic fringe, and even their own family wanting a piece of the new messiah, can the couple find a way to bring God to the world without turning the exercise into a circus?


Rapture is a compelling and darkly comic novel, which explores the fight for the ownership of God, and what the world would do if there really was a second coming.


You can find it on Amazon here:

Year of the Queen is a book I wrote about the making of Priscilla queen of the Desert – The Musical. I was in the show from the beginning—from the workshop stage, right up to opening night and beyond. It was a crazy ride, and the book is an insiders glimpse into the making of a hit musical.

You can find it here on Amazon:

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